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Magical Ginseng

Panax ginseng C. A. Meyer, is one of the oldest and most beneficial herbs in the world. It was often used, 

and is still today, as a tonic to rejuvenate the body after an illness or prolonged stress.

Modern research show that ginseng has some other clinical efficacities,such as tonifying the heart, nourish
the brain, strengthening the immunity, radiation hardening, reducing cholesterol, anti-wrinkle and skin 
elasticity improver etc. and ginseng polysaccharides can act on cancer as a liver protector.Even ginseng 
berry promises for diabetes and obesity.

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Major Chemical Constituents

Ginseng contains a number of active constituents including
saponins, essential oil, polysaccharides (panaxans A-U),
polypeptides, phytosterol, carbohydrates and sugars,
organic acids, nitrogenous substances, amino acids and
peptides, plus vitamins and minerals.

Major Effective

    > Boost the Immune System
    > Boost Energy & Stamina
    > Support Fatigue Resistance
    > Support Blood Circulation
    > Support Memory Functions
    > Support Men's Sexual Functions

NutraWay Ginseng Extracts

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Feature of NutraWay Products
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